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6 Bannatyne Drive - SAINT ANDREW'S

6 Bannatyne Drive - SAINT ANDREW'S

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on 60 x 174 foot lot at 6 Bannatyne Drive in the Silver Hills area of Saint Andrew's-Whitfield.

It used to look like this...

They didn't tear it down but they did redo the house...

And it looks nothing like it did before.

For those that are into privacy and don't like fishbowl houses, this is not the house for you because the front of the house is floor to ceiling windows.  And I don't see any window coverings unless there are very well concealed in-ceiling blinds (but I don't see any).

I'm not loving floors with that yellow brick wall, or maybe it's just the wall, but I think it looks good with the white brick wall in the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, I like it.  But I don't.  The storage wall is great, but it blocks the view of the outside.  And I wish the sink was in the island and the stove where the sink is.

I also think I would switch the sitting area and the dining room (then you could see those dining chairs from the front hall but those teak coaches are pretty nice too).

Upstairs, the rooms are a good size and the bathrooms are streamlined like the kitchen...

  But what is going on with this glass bathroom wall...

And what is this!?!

Did they run out of money to redo the basement bathroom!?!

And ceiling tiles?  In a house that was totally renovated upstairs?

I don't get it.

There is something about this house that reminds me of the house that I liked at 

53 Hemford Crescent

 just north of Lawrence at Don Mills...

But this house has less personality.

That house on Hemford was originally listed at $3,288,880.  It eventually 

sold almost a million less for $2,350,000 in January 2014.

This house is listed at $2,399,000.

For a specific buyer,  this is a great house (minus the basement) and someone could bring in a little personality...

But I am not sure that buyer will spend $2.4 million to be so close to the 401...

So I'm guessing this will have a price drop.


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