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SOLD - 147 Wheeler Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 147 Wheeler Avenue - BEACHES

This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 17 x 102 foot lot at 147 Wheeler Avenue in the Beaches.

It used to look like this...

Which isn't the best, but it is quaint and totally suits the Beaches.

Now, it looks like an apartment building.

And it is across the street from the house I mentioned in the post for

146 Wheeler Avenue, the post where I said this street looked like a tumble weed street...

Here is the house at 146 Wheeler Avenue...

And here is the neighbour at 150 Wheeler Avenue...

I never posted that house because the only video I could find at the time gave me motion sickness and I didn't love the fact that you walked right into the kitchen...

But it is a pretty impressive kitchen.

According to the reader who sent it in at the end of September, it had been on and off the market for almost 2 years.

The price when it was the 

blogTO House of the Week

 in October was $2,699,900 (I'm not sure if it ever sold but I feel like it did somewhere closer to $2.3).

This house is much smaller and not done as well as that house, but there is something similar about it.  I just can't quite put my finger on it.

But considering this is the master bathroom in 150 Wheeler...

And this is the master bathroom in this house...

I don't think they are done by the same person at all.

Why, when you are building a whole new floor that has a ton of space, why wouldn't you make a larger master bathroom?

And I can't imagine the person who did 150 Wheeler (according to the blogTO post, it was done by Toronto based

architect nkA) would do a house with open ceilings like in this house...

But, if you are into industrial, this is a good thing.

This house was listed at a little over 2 weeks ago for $988,000.

It just



For $970,000.


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