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44 Fern Avenue - RONCESVALLES

44 Fern Avenue - RONCESVALLES

This is a 4+2 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 25 x 132 foot lot with a double car garage at 44 Fern Avenue in Roncesvalles.

It is a flip, but I can't get the before photo from streetview.  My guess though is that it looked something like that neighbour to the left.

Now, it is a modern house that could maybe use some landscaping and perhaps a tree...

But it is a great house.

I love the herring bone floors and I love the bannisters.  I am not sure I like the dark wood in the kitchen, and the location of the sink is a bit odd.   But overall, it is a great kitchen.

And since there is no family room space, I think I would switch the living room and the dining room since a bunch of stools can fit at the kitchen counter if you want to eat in the kitchen.

Upstairs, there are 3 good sized bedrooms plus a master that could have a king sized bed.

And the basement has a separate walk out at the front (not sure I love that) with a large living space, a good kitchen, and 2 bedrooms that could be rented out...

Which would really help since this house is listed at...


It's a great house with lots of bedrooms on a big lot with a 2 car garage in a good school district but on this street, is it a $2.3 house?

Is it worth $500,000 less than the house at

8 Ridout Street


That was recently listed at $2,495,000 and

sold for $2,828,000?

Or $140,000 more than the house at

51 Westminster Avenue


That sold in May for $2,151,000?  

I like this house A LOT more than that house, but I think the price might be a little steep.  And since one of the several readers who sent it in called the price 'bonkers' despite loving the house...

I think it might need a price drop before it sells.

Then again...

There is



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AND IT WENT FOR - 262 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

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