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SOLD - 120 Hope Street - EARLSCOURT

SOLD - 120 Hope Street - EARLSCOURT

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom new build on a 20.5 x 82 foot lot at 120 Hope Street in Earlscourt.  It has been listed since February.

It's a unique house but, other than the master bathroom and the roof top, there weren't a lot of photos of the house.

Here is what it used to look like...

Before it turned into this Scandinavian inspired house done by Meonia Architects that is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.  

In the photos, the place seems kind of dark, but that could be because they took a lot of the photos at night.

But overall, if you were okay with the slanted ceiling (why?) of the third floor and the fact that one of the 3 rooftop decks is only accessible by hoping over the railing of another deck, then this was a good, and unique, house in an up and coming neighbourhood.

It was listed at $1,199,000.

I thought that was going to be tough.

And since it was on the market for 32 days, I guess it was.  But it finally sold...

For $1,210,000.

Must have been that Le Creuset kettle...

(thanks to the readers who sent this in!)


SOLD - 82 Carlaw Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

SOLD - 82 Carlaw Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

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