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450 Pape Avenue - RIVERDALE

450 Pape Avenue - RIVERDALE

This house at 450 Pape Avenue on a has been in the news over the last few days

The big thing that people are reporting is that this place is listed at $1...

But unlike what Coun. Paula Fletcher said when she was interviewed for the

MetroNews article

about this house...

“I’ve never seen anything listed for a dollar,” she said.

This is

not the first $1 dollar listing in Toronto

....at all.

And it is not the first time this place has been put up for sale.  

It was up for sale in 2010 when the city planned to buy it and turn it into housing for artists.  The author of this

Toronto Sun article

written about it wasn't crazy about the idea (like...at ALL), and neither was Rob Ford.  Ford shut down the idea.

 It's a 25,000 square foot building that used to be the home to 

William Harris

 (with an addition) ...

Harris was the founder of what is now

Maple Leaf Foods

(if you are interested in reading more about Harris, the business, as well as the neighbourhood, 

this is a good link to a family run website).

But the property was sold to the

Salvation Army

in the early 1900s, and was home

called Bethany Home

to single mothers in the 1930s.   The Salvation Army were apparently the owners until 2010 when it was sold to the current owners (or the city owned it at some point...it's all a little confusing).

According to the

website of architect Catherine Nasmith, it looks like the current owners are Eracon and this is the rendering of the building they were proposing...

Until they decided to sell.

As this is now designated as a heritage property, the house needs to stay the same (with perhaps some minor changes to that addition at the back).

So, who is going to buy it now, and for what price?  

According to CP24, it sold in 2011 for $1.7 after being listed originally for $2.5 million.

And apparently 

a daycare had been interested in buying

it at one point (!?!?!?!).

When not much can be changed about the facade, and the current building will probably cost a


of money to restore...

And since when I looked through the current pictures...

 I was thinking...

Is it going to sell for more than the selling price from 2011?

I don't know.   But I think it could sell for around $2.2.

Then again, maybe that daycare will put in a crazy bid and it will be gone by the end of the week.


SOLD - 120 Hope Street - EARLSCOURT

SOLD - 120 Hope Street - EARLSCOURT