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7 Greenmount Road - PARK LAWN

7 Greenmount Road - PARK LAWN

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 44 x 115.50 foot lot at 7 Greenmount Road in the Park Lawn neighbourhood.

It's a rebuild of a house that used to look like this...

Or at least that is what it looks like from this photo...

When I first saw it, I thought that it is kind of what the house at

120 Hope Street in Earlscourt

wanted to be...

But this house was done by

blackLAB Architects Inc.


 The same firm that did the renovation of the house at

279 Indian Road


That was listed at $2,098,000 last April and

sold for $2,200,000.

This house has a very similar vibe to that house.  It has the same floors and similar windows.  The stairs are also the same but I think I prefer the white base (I don't know the word) of the stairs in the Indian Road house.

But I guess the black goes with the concrete floors of this place.

And it's not finished, but the backyard looks pretty good...

So, if you are looking in this neighbourhood, just not for a traditional home, this is a good option.

The asking price is $1,795,000.

For a 3 bedroom...

That might be a little high.


(thanks J for sending this in!)

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