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141 Sears Street - LESLIEVILLE

141 Sears Street - LESLIEVILLE

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 19 x 98.21 foot lot at 141 Sears Street just south of Queen in Leslieville.

And it's located a couple streets over from the 4 bedroom house at

25 Woodfield Road


That was just listed at $999,900 and

sold for $1,200,000.

But this house is smaller.  And the second floor and basement aren't as finished as as the house on Leslie Street.

It is still a good house though.

I would prefer to switch the living room and dining room so that it is easier to enjoy the walk out to the backyard.  And as far as the backyard goes, it is a good city yard with a shed at the back that is being called a 'yoga studio'.  It has electricity but I am not sure it has heat.  If it did, it would also be a good office. 

This house is listed at $729,000.

Considering that Leslieville has been pretty hot recently, even though this doesn't have parking, I think it will sell over.

Probably closer to $785,000.  And if the street isn't an issue...maybe just over $800,000.


18 Bowden Street - RIVERDALE

18 Bowden Street - RIVERDALE

12 Macpherson Ave #5 - SUMMERHILL

12 Macpherson Ave #5 - SUMMERHILL