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4A Kimberley Avenue - UPPER BEACHES

4A Kimberley Avenue - UPPER BEACHES

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 46 x 70 foot lot at 4A Kimberley Avenue in the Upper Beaches.

At first, it reminded me of a very dressed up version of the 'house' at 30 Hanson Street...

That sold in September 2013 for $165,000.

But there is really no comparison.

This is a very charming old gardener's cottage that is deceptively large with a good sized kitchen and a family room extension.

The bedroom situation is a bit odd with one being off the living (it is currently being used as an office), 2 loft like rooms upstairs, and what looks like the master bedroom in the basement.

So, not typical, but it works.

And it is a great house.

It used to be the home of a woman named Rosemarie Popham, a well-known child and family advocate who campaigned for the eradication of child poverty, until her death in 1998 at 54.

In June 2015, a laneway where she and her children used to play was named after Popham.  According to this article in Inside Toronto about the ceremony in October, her children and Terry Lee, Popham's widower, shared their memories about living in the home and (even though the bedroom situation is a little odd) they loved this house.

At first, if you only see the front and the small lot size, and the fact that this is located down a laneway (which I assume is now Rosemarie Popham Laneway)...

The $949,000 asking price seems a bit high.

But after seeing the interior photos and the garden...

I can see someone loving this and I think this will probably sell over asking.

Maybe somewhere around $1,049,000.


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