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531 Palmerston Boulevard - PALMERSTON

531 Palmerston Boulevard - PALMERSTON


This is a 5+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom detached house on a 33.50 x 126.75 foot lot with 3 parking spots at 531 Palmerston Boulevard in Palmerston.

The first floor layout kind of reminds me of the 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house a few people have sent in at 75 Parkway Avenue in Roncesvalles (I haven't posted it so click here to see the photos)...

It was the Toronto Life House of the Week yesterday and it is listed at $1,795,000.

But as I said to one reader who sent it in...

There is so much potential but a lot of wuh wuh moments, like the bathrooms.

I don't love the bathrooms of that house.

This house on the other hand has no wuh wuh moments for me.

The built-in book shelves in the living room seem a little too heavy with all that wood, but I love the rest of the house. 

Like the family room at 75 Parkway Avenue...

There is a 2 storey family room in this house...

But this family room, and house, reminds me more of the house at 229 Wright Avenue in Roncesvalles...

That sold for $2,350,000 in March 2015.

Here is the family room of that house...

And here is another angle of the family room of this house...

I am not sure I like the taupe-y tone to the kitchen, but that could be different in person, but I love those stools.  And I love that it is an island that can fit so many stools (the sink location is kind of weird though).

The side entrance is probably the more day to day door as it is closest to the parking.  And it has the mudroom.

Upstairs, I like the stairs.  I like all the bathrooms.  The bedrooms are a good size.  I just wish the master bath and dressing room were reversed.  Walking through the bathroom to get dressed really bugs me but at least the toilet can be closed off.

And the backyard is a good size.

Basically, this is a larger, bright (except for the living room) house on a large lot with parking and a good sized yard.

It's just a little closer to Bloor than College where the prices on Palmerston are at the highest.

This house is listed at $3,195,000.

Which is pretty high compared to the 229 Wright house.  But this house is more central and close to the subway.

So, even though it isn't as farther south where the prices on Palmerston are really high...

I still think this will sell closer to $3.4.


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