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510 College Street - PALMERSTON (UPDATED)

510 College Street - PALMERSTON (UPDATED)

This place is insane.

It is a 3+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom, almost 8,000 square foot church conversion with 2 underground parking spots at 310 College Street and it was featured in the Globe and Mail this past February.

It is also in the same church conversion building as the house that I posted last week at 314 Palmerston Boulevard...

The place that sold for $3,470,000 in August 2013 only to be relisted 2 years later at $6,195,000 (that's a 33% increase)...

With a price INCREASE last week, despite not selling for 9 months, to $6,250,000.

That house was originally home to the developer of this conversion, Matthew Kosoy.

But though that place is amazing and and is probably more my style...

It doesn't compare to this place.  This place is insane.

And it is the home of the designer and fellow developer of this conversion, Joe Brennan and his partner Daniel Greenglass of J.f. Brennan Design/Build...

If you are not into a lot of stone, this probably isn't the place for you.  But it really is incredible.

But with everything going on in this place, why such a standard shower head?

At least a rain shower head or something, right?

This house is listed at $10,950,000.

And though, like the house, that is kind of insane...

I have a feeling this will sell before the neighbour at 314 Palmerston Boulevard.

UPDATED:  To add floor plans...


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