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PRICE DROP - 73 Metcalfe Street - CABBAGETOWN

PRICE DROP - 73 Metcalfe Street - CABBAGETOWN

In March, I posted this 3+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 28 x 94.25 foot lot with 2 parking spots at 73 Metcalfe Street in Cabbagetown.

It was a house that used to look like this on the outside...

And this on the inside...

It was listed in May 2014 for $899,000.  It sold for $940,000.

It was rebuilt and put on the market almost 2 years later.  

And it wasn't for everyone.  It is much better than before, but for a house this size, I don't know why there aren't more bedrooms.  Right now there are only 3 and one of them has a fully open wall.

Sure, you can close it off...

But I don't really get the point.

The neighbours have a really good view of the family room...

And I do not like this cement stuff in the backyard at all...

Or this chandelier...

But overall, it's a good house.  It just should have been a 4 bedroom house.

It was listed at $2,499,900.  I didn't think it would sit for long.  

But according to a commentor, because it is a rebuild, there is HST on top of that!  WTF! 

So, if that's the case, that would mean you would actually have to pay $2,824,887.

It's been 2 months and it is still on the market.  And it has now had a price drop.

The new asking price for this house is...


Or, if the HST thing is correct...




110 Pricefield Road - ROSEDALE

110 Pricefield Road - ROSEDALE

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