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SOLD - 110 Shaftesbury Avenue - SUMMERHILL

SOLD - 110 Shaftesbury Avenue - SUMMERHILL

This is a 2+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom row house on a 15.75 x 112.8 foot lot with 1 parking spot at 110 Shaftesbury Avenue in Toronto.

It's not a huge house, but it is a really good house.

There are built-ins that don't intrude on the space but are very useful.  It's has a good kitchen.  There is a family room with a fireplace and french doors to the backyard.

The master bedroom is a good size.  I don't love the bathroom, but it's still fine.  The listing says the media room/den on the second floor could be turned into a third bedroom, but there is no window so I don't know how this could happen.

But I think this is a more of a condo alternative for a single person or a couple than it is a family house so that isn't a big deal.  Plus, there is no finished basement.

It was listed at $1,249,000.




For $1,456,000.


that house in my last post at 161 Macpherson Avenue

is priced for a bidding war after all!

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SOLD - 75 Parkway Avenue - RONCESVALLES

SOLD - 75 Parkway Avenue - RONCESVALLES

161 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

161 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL