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161 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

161 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

This is a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi on an 18.75 x 120 foot lot at 161 Macpherson Avenue in Summerhill.

And from the looks of the streetview only a year ago...

This is a flip.

But it is a good flip if that is the case.

I'm not sure I get that fireplace and how much space the whole thing is taking from what is already a pretty tight space with that wall at the front door...

And I don't like this deck railing that blocks off the view of the backyard...

Or the fat that the kitchen is so blocked off to that backyard...

Especially since it is south facing and this house could use a little more light on the first floor...

But otherwise, it is a great house.  

Some people might not love the glass wall on the first floor, but I like that it makes the space seem wider. 

If you don't need 4 bedrooms, that smaller bedroom on the second floor could be a good office/family room/guest room and then there are still the 2 bedrooms on the third floor.  There is a bathroom on the third floor and the basement is finished with another bathroom.

Plus, I like all the finishes (except that fireplace wall).

It is listed at $2,049,000.

Was this a good price?  As I was trying to figure that out, I received an email from a reader asking if I thought this was priced for a bidding war!!!  My first thought was WTF!?!  NO.

But then I thought about it some more.

A year ago,

a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom semi on a 16.98 x 98.67 foot lot across the street at 156 Macpherson Avenue was listed at $1,549,000


It sold for $1,825,000.

A year later, that house would now be a $2,007,000 house.

And that was only a 3 bedroom house that was north facing with no garage.  Sure, it had been done by

Sarah Richardson

and was DONE.

But this house is also done, just differently.

With regards to the price, I think it is a good asking price.  It doesn't scream like a price blatantly asking for a bidding war.

But I do think this house will go over asking...

And my first guess was something closer to $2,350,000...maybe a little less.

If it does go a little less, maybe the new owners could change that back railing to something more like what the neighbours have...

It would really open up that backyard.

It's just too bad about that back kitchen wall.


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