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SOLD - 250 Robina Avenue - OAKWOOD

SOLD - 250 Robina Avenue - OAKWOOD

This is a 1+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalow on a 17 x 105.5 foot lot with 1 parking spot at 250 Robina Avenue in Oakwood.

It is a charming house on the outside, and it is even better on the inside.  And from the streetview, it looks like it has been recently renovated...

Or at least the front porch was cleaned up.

I think I would have rather had the dining room at the front and the living room at the back, but that would take away from the kitchen storage, of which there is a lot (but maybe the sink could have been a little bigger).

It really is more like a +1 bedroom house because I think that main bedroom is what is now the living room.  So, this place isn't huge, but for 1 person or a couple, it's great.

And it's a great piece of land in a good location if you decide to build.

But when I say build, I'm not really suggesting building something like the neighbour at 252 Robina Avenue...

Is it just me or does that look ridiculous!?!

It's like a windmill without the fans (or whatever those things are called)...

I suppose once the house to the right is finished and if this house gets torn down and or has another floor or 2 added it won't look as out of place.

That house at 252 Robina Avenue (you can see

interior photos here

) was a 4 bedroom house.  It was listed at $998,000 in August 2015.  I'm not sure what it sold for.

This house was listed last week for $524,000.




For $550,000.

photos via google images

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