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103 Arundel Avenue - GREEKTOWN

103 Arundel Avenue - GREEKTOWN

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house with a 2 car garage on a 25.33 x 140 foot lot at 103 Arundel Avenue in Greektown.

It is a flip of a house that used to look like this...

And they have done a really nice job with the front with new windows and the inside has been completely gutted.

I'm not sure everyone will be into the front door and how there is no closet because this feels like a big house and like they could have incorporated something more than a bench and a coat hanger. But there are 'mudroom' closets at the back in the family room.  I just don't get why there are no doors as it is RIGHT in the family room.

The colour of the walls might also not be for everyone but I like it.  I'm not sure I would keep it, but I like the looks of it.

The kitchen is large but I don't love the backsplash.  

Upstairs, the rooms are a good size with storage and 2 bathrooms for 3 bedrooms and the third floor master has another bathroom and 2 walk-in closets.

The basement has a good height, the garage is large, and the backyard, though not huge, is a good size.


The price tag.  It's a little steep.

This asking price for this house is....


UPDATE:  Thanks to the commentor below who pointed out that this house is clearly done by the same people as the house that I posted a year ago at 98 Simpson Avenue...

It has the same cedar at the front, the furniture is the same, the backsplash is the same, and both have this maple leaf thing...

That house was listed at $1,749,000.  It sold for $1,685,000.


SOLD - 67 Lyall Avenue - UPPER BEACH

SOLD - 67 Lyall Avenue - UPPER BEACH