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SOLD - 67 Lyall Avenue - UPPER BEACH

SOLD - 67 Lyall Avenue - UPPER BEACH

This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 31 x 150 foot lot with 1 parking spot at 67 Lyall Avenue just north of Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches.

And it is a flip of house that used to look like this...

So they did a LOT of work.

I am not crazy about the white windows with the black doors, but you can tell right away that it is going to be full of trends inside.

And it is.

At the front, there is the horse head, sheep skin, industrial lighting, and the black and white tile.   The floor is white oak and it has open wood shelves (just above the


) in the kitchen like the house at

235 Shaw Street


Plus an animal skull on the wood clad vent...

(that head is a little much for me as is the horse head)

And though I don't love the white windows on the outside, I love the back doors in the kitchen...

Upstairs, the rooms are a good size with a large master bathroom and triple sink in the bathroom in the 'kid's wing'. 

Unfortunately, they didn't dig down the basement (at least it doesn't look like it).

But the rest of the house is great if you like this look and there is a large, covered deck that overlooks the large backyard.  Oh, and it has a large mudroom with a separate entrance.

Before the flip in September 2015, this house was listed at $999,000.

After a full, top to bottom reno, this house was listed last week at $1,099,000.

And they may as well have just listed it at 'Bidding War' because that's what they were clearly asking for.

After 6 days on the market, this house sold...

For $1,620,000.

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