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521 Spadina Road - FOREST HILL

521 Spadina Road - FOREST HILL

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house with a 2 car garage and 9 other parking spots on a 50 x 150 foot lot at 521 Spadina Road in Forest Hill.

According to the listing, this place is...

"Manhattan Meets Paris"

Which it may be but it's kind of hard to tell from photos like this...

But from the photos that do show the actual rooms, it is a pretty great house.

I just don't get this painting...

That as clearly inspired by this Taylor Swift photo shoot...

This house is listed at $5,999,999.

Since this house is located right on Spadina on a corner that has a stop light...

The price seems pretty high.

But if you consider that the house a few streets away on a pretty busy street at

107 Old Forest Hill Road


Sold for $4,965,000 just over 3 years ago


This price isn't so crazy.

But this location might be more of an issue.


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481 Guildwood Parkway - GUILDWOOD

481 Guildwood Parkway - GUILDWOOD

SOLD - 67 Lyall Avenue - UPPER BEACH

SOLD - 67 Lyall Avenue - UPPER BEACH