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150 Langley Avenue - RIVERDALE

150 Langley Avenue - RIVERDALE

In November 2012, I posted

this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 20 x 118 foot lot at 150 Langley Avenue.

At the time, it had been listed for a while but I hadn't posted it because it was overpriced and the house itself was boring.  It was a standard flip.

But then a realtor behind

Toronto Realty Blog

 posted a blog post called


.  It was about a few houses in Riverdale and Playter Estates that were playing pricing games with drops, increases, and relists.

Though he didn't specifically mention this house, it was definitely on the list.

This house had first been listed in May 2012 for $999,000.  At the time, that was way too high and I thought it was more of an $845,000 house.  

By July, it was down to $959,000.  In October, it was down even more to $879,000.

As of the time I posted it in November, it was back up to $929,000.

Then that same day....the

price was increased to $999,000


In February 2013, the

price was increased again to $1,059,000.

Then in March, it apparently

sold for $1,052,000.

But in April, it

was back on the market AGAIN.  This time, the asking price was $959,000

.  Apparently, the sale had been supressed meaning the sellers and the buyers agreed to remove the sale from MLS...for whatever reason.

A few of those reasons that came across my desk were...

1) Some people think that the buyers had SERIOUS buyer's remorse and let their financing fall through (maybe....).

2) Others think that the house didn't 'appraise out', meaning the bank thought this house was worth less than the $1,052,000 negotiated price (I find this one VERRRRY likely)....

3) Others believe that something 'iffy' happened here (not sure about this one....).

Whatever the case, it was with a new agent and the price was still going to be tough.  I was sticking with $879,000.

By June 2013, the

price was down to $929,000.

I don't think it ever sold and,

in September 2015, it was on the market AGAIN for $1,098,000.  I predicted a price drop within a month.

In October, it

sold for $1,071,500.

Eight months later to the day, I got an email from a reader saying that this house is back on the market.

The new asking price is...


SOLD - 25 Sudbury Street #2505 - KING WEST VILLAGE

SOLD - 25 Sudbury Street #2505 - KING WEST VILLAGE