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182A Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

182A Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 25 x 144 foot lot with a detached garage at 182A Moore Avenue in Moore Park.

It's a good house.  I don't love the staging or the wainscotting so much, but I like the floors and the kitchen.  The bathrooms are good and the basement has a great ceiling height.  

The backyard isn't the best (but it is across the street from a park) and this house looks like it is a 3 storey house when it is only 2.  

But this is a good new build on one half of the former 50 x 144 foot lot that used to be this 3 bedroom house...

That house 

was listed in November 2011 for $1,349,000

and, at the time, I thought that was REALLY expensive.


Not so much anymore.

Especially when you consider the asking price of this house.

This house is listed at $3,180,000.

And since the neighbour has already sold and it looks like the exact same house, just the mirror image...

If that is what that house sold for, there is no reason this won't sell for the same (even though it seems quite high to me!)...

Which means that the builders turned this $1.4 million lot into $6.4 million.


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