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499 Palmerston Boulevard - PALMERSTON

499 Palmerston Boulevard - PALMERSTON


This 5+2 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi was listed in July....by the owner.

And on the owner's  website for the house (which, by the way, is amazing!)...

 It said (with this photo)...

If you are a real estate agent, thanks for your interest, but I have decided to not use an agent.  I have given this lots of thought, so please respect my wishes.  If you truly have a client who wishes to purchase this property, of course I will cooperate, but no commission from the seller is offered.

Guess that didn't work out so well because as of last week, this house was listed on MLS with an 

agent.  But for some reason, the agent didn't tell the owner that the original asking price was totally out of whack.

Sure, as the website points out, the house up the street at 531 Palmerston Boulevard...

The one that was totally renovated top to bottom and received comments like...

Good gracious. Now THAT'S a house.


One of the best houses I've seen on the MASH in a long time.

The single family, DETACHED, totally renovated house that was listed at $3,195,000...

Sold for $3,450,000.

AND it's on a smaller lot than this 29 x 138.83 foot lot (actually it's not, that house was on a 35 x 126.75 foot lot).



this house would be in the same sort of price range.

Except...this house is a semi.  And it's a mess.  It is currently set up as a ground floor apartment with an 'owner's suite' on the second and third floor and a basement apartment.  And it needs a LOT of work if it is going to be close to comparing to the house at 531 Palmerston.

Plus, as I have already mentioned...this is a semi.  And those windows look like they are the originals as does one of the kitchens and the floors.


That $3,000,000 asking price?

PRICE DROP - 46 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

PRICE DROP - 46 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

182A Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

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