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7 Laxton Avenue - PARKDALE (UPDATE

7 Laxton Avenue - PARKDALE (UPDATE

Parkdale is apparently home to approximately 5,000 Tibetans and is becoming known as Little Tibet.

According to blogTO, it is also home to 7 of the 

Top 10 Tibetan restaurants in Toronto...

 And it was home to last year's first ever

Momo Crawl in Toronto #MomoCrawlTO.

If you don't know what a Momo is, it is a Tibetan steamed dumpling.  Here is a video of Parkdale resident and owner of

Le Tibet restaurant making meat momos...

Unfortunately for people that live in the area, Le Tibet is now closed...

And soon, the local Tibetan temple will be closed as well...

Because the

Karma Sonam Dargye Ling location of the Tibetan temple in Parkdale is for sale.

According to the

website for the temple, they have acquired a small piece of land in Parkdale to build a new temple that is planned to look like this...

But currently, they apparently do not have enough money to begin construction (I assume they are selling this location to help fund the new building unless this is the small piece of land they are referring to on the website.)

The current temple is listed as a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, single family house on a 40 x 132 foot lot.

This is what it looked like 7 years ago...

A beautiful, old Parkdale house that looked like this when it was listed 3 years ago*...

Lots of potential.

But considering that there is a huge apartment building overlooking the backyard...

I don't think this will be converted into a single family home.

But, as the listing mentions, this could be an  'Excellent investment opportunity' with a lot of renovations.

The asking price is $1,349,000.

For the sake of the community and those wishing to attend the temple, it would be great if this sold fast and for the asking price so that construction of the new temple could begin (unless, as mentioned above, this was where it was going to be built).

But considering the amount of work that will need to go into this place...

 And the fact that the house next door is a rooming house with 21 tenants that has

received lots of complaints from the neighbours...

That asking price might be a little high.

And I think...

 So was the person that chose the bedroom wallpaper.

UPDATE:  This post was updated to add the 2012 listing video.  Looks like the wallpaper came with the house.  But when they took down the walls on the second floor, they also got rid of this wallpaper...


9 Murdock Avenue - THE DANFORTH

9 Murdock Avenue - THE DANFORTH

SOLD - 10 Nina Street - CASA LOMA

SOLD - 10 Nina Street - CASA LOMA