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SOLD - 10 Nina Street - CASA LOMA

SOLD - 10 Nina Street - CASA LOMA

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house with 2 parking spots on a 35 x 85 foot lot at 10 Nina Street in Casa Loma.

And it's a really good house.

According to the listing, it was fully renovated in 2010 by Jeanette Hlinka of

Jeanette Hlinka Design.

 And even though the reno is already 6 years old, it looks like the reno could have just been completed.

There is a lot about this house that reminds me of the Upper Forest Hill house at

226 Old Forest Hill Road...

Except that house had a lot of dark furniture and colourful art whereas this house is all about white an off-white.

And this house is slightly bigger.  Or maybe it just feels that way because of the minimalism but the kitchen is definitely bigger.  And instead of using that garage space for a car or storage, it has been turned into a mudroom/laundry room which is a great idea.

The bedrooms upstairs area all a good size and the master bedroom has a ton of storage.  And there is another bedroom in the basement with a bright tv room.

Basically, it's a great, move-in ready house that doesn't have a super large back yard, but it is a good yard.

The house at 226 Old Forest Hill Road was listed at $1,689,000.  It

sold for $1,950,018*.

This house was listed at $2,495,000.


sold in 7 days...

For $2,600,000.

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*corrected to reflect actual sold price.

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