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4835 Av. Coloniale #204 - MONTREAL (1 Comment)

4835 Av. Coloniale #204 - MONTREAL (1 Comment)

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a 275 square foot terrace and a parking spot at 4835 Av. Coloniale #204 in the Mile End in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood of Montreal.

About the Mile End neighbourhood, Tourisme-Montreal.org (now MTL.org) says..

We appreciate its urban character, its eclecticism, its creative energy, its artistic scene, its bohemian essence. Cafes, bars, shops, bookstores, local design studios abound next to innovative software companies and old textile factories. This dynamic neighborhood of Montreal is a subtle blend of old and new, chic and neglected, with a variety of trends.

And according to Wikipedia...

Since the 1980s Mile End has been known for its culture as an artistic neighbourhood, home to artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers such as Arcade FireAdam GollnerBran Van 3000Ariane MoffattGrimesSean Michaels and Plants and Animals, etc.

Speaking of Bran Van 3000, anyone know why they have been on the radio so much recently?  New album coming out?  Is it just me that has noticed this?  Perhaps it's because this year is the 20th anniversary of this song...

This neighbourhood was also the home to Mordecai Richler who also lived in the condos at 1321 Rue Sherbrooke...


But back to this condo...

This building used to be home to the Compagnie CJ Grenier & Cie, a Montreal based lingerie manufacturer for Sears.  In 2015, the company which was founded in 1860, filed for bankruptcy due to declining sales...

Which I am guessing is when this building come up for sale.

The building has since been completely redone and named the 'Monument' .  It has been divided into 7 units with the architecture designed by Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environment.

This unit is missing a stove and it is kind of hard to get a feel for the whole condo, but these shots from the developer's site help...

Especially with being able to see the kitchen WITH a stove.

It is a nice condo over 2 levels with a good sized terrace in a neighbourhood that is called 'hipster capital of Canada'.

It is listed at $1,282,877+GST+QST.

57 Hocken Avenue - WYCHWOOD (16 Comments)

57 Hocken Avenue - WYCHWOOD (16 Comments)

60 Columbine Avenue - BEACHES TRIANGLE

60 Columbine Avenue - BEACHES TRIANGLE