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129 Wychwood Avenue - WYCHWOOD

129 Wychwood Avenue - WYCHWOOD

This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached house with 2 parking spots on a 22 x 80 foot lot at 129 Wychwood Avenue in Wychwood.

It's a house that looked like this in September 2015 when it was last on the market...

So, I'm not sure if this is a flip or not but it kind of feels like one.

For the most part, it is a good reno.  The floors are nice, the kitchen is good with a fair amount of storage.  But it always drives me nuts when there is no immediate access to the backyard.  

In this case, I suppose you could create a walk out where the dining room window is.  But you still can't really see the whole backyard from the kitchen which isn't great if you have little kids. 

But if you wanted, even though this isn't a very deep lot, there is room to do a family room extension which would allow for a full principal suite with a dressing room and ensuite above.

Or it could be lived in as is.  I'm just not sure why they didn't replace the windows and put in a better fence.  Unless this wasn't a flip and they just never got around to that.  And it's hard to tell if there is more to the basement other than that playroom and the bathroom

Either way, this is a good house as is ,or could be even better with some new windows, or great with a 2 storey extension at the back.  I'm not sure how much that would cost but I'm guessing around $200,000.

As is, this house is listed at $1,429,000.

Considering the sort of smaller house with almost no backyard at 31 Wychwood Avenue sold for $1.041,000 a little over 2 years ago...

Even though the market has softened in the last couple of months...

I think this will sell fast.

But maybe a little under ask.

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