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15 Oakley Place - YORK MILLS, TORONTO (1 Comment)

15 Oakley Place - YORK MILLS, TORONTO (1 Comment)

In 2012, I posted this 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom house on a 176.74 x 209.97 foot lot at 15 Oakley Place in York Mills, Toronto.

It was an impressive house but I thought they could have sprung for some flowers and maybe some throw pillows or something to add a bit of colour, especially since it had been on and off the market for years with this price history...

May 2009 - $5,500,000

September 2009 - $4,995,000

March 2010 - $4,795,000

April 2011 - $5,550,000

January 2012 - $5,500,000

It is now back on the market.

According to the listing, the house has been extensively renovated and is a 'designer's own. 

But I am confused, because the designer is Julie Charbonneau of de Poitiers Inc. in Montreal, the designer whose Montreal loft at PH #1 - 454 Rue De La Gauchetière Ouest, I posted in 2015 

So, either she moved from Montreal to Toronto, or made this her second home since her business is still located in Montreal, or this is basically a flip.

But because the front hall had these 2 Robert Longo pieces of art...

15 Oakley Pl 2.png

As the house did back in 2012...

15 Oakley place before 2.png

I thought maybe this never sold and was renovated instead since this was the old kitchen...

15 Oakley Place before.png

Which was great with an amazing oven but a little dated...

And was replaced with this kitchen.

15 Oakley Pl 1a.png

Something a little more up-to-date.

But those Robert Longo paintings are not the same and according to this website, this house did finally sell and this is a new owner.

But is the owner Charbonneau? 

Or is it Lorne Rose, the architect or Frank Campoli and Tony Mocci of JTF Homes, the builders (all of whom worked on the house at 131 South Drive).

I suppose it doesn't matter.  

What matters is that this place has been updated, and though I still find the house dark and kind of spooky, it is definitely more appealing.

At a 10% increase, assuming it sold around $5.5 in 2012, the asking price would now be $9,745,000. 

With an extensive renovation, the actual asking price is now...


I doubt the reno was $4.5 million but that doesn't seem so crazy.

I just wonder if this apartment building can look right into the house in the winter...

15 Oakley.png

That could be a problem.  But at least it's not as close to the Swiss Chalet as I thought!

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