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SOLD - 18 Wells Hill Avenue - CASA LOMA

SOLD - 18 Wells Hill Avenue - CASA LOMA

This 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on 39.83 x 210.81 foot lot sold last week after just under 2 weeks on the market.

It was listed at $2,200,000 and sold for $2,140,000.

I wonder if the creepy neighbour in the Google streetview across the street had anything to do with the lower price?

Or maybe that guy isn't creepy, he just happened to be at the window when the Google car drove by.  The picture is giving me the chills though.

This is a good house.  It reminds me of the house at 221 Cortleigh that still hasn't sold.  That house is listed at $2,395,000 but has much better bathrooms and a beautiful brand new kitchen...

But it is basically the exact same layout as the kitchen in this house.

And that kitchen matches the bar in the family of this house!

I love that they have a bar.

The floors in the front part of the house look like they are in great condition but the back addition that was likely done over 20 years ago looks a bit rough.  Given the price of this house, it will probably be renovated.

And when it is, it will look great.  It's too bad about that tiny master ensuite.  It's almost like they should move the master to the front of the house and make that a big family room but they don't need it with the downstairs family room.  And that would make it only 3 bedrooms.

Or they could somehow just make that a bigger washroom.  But with the kitchen, the back floors, the master ensuite, and painting or updating they might want to do to the front, this ends up being a $2,500,000 house.  Plus, that pool looks like it might need a lot of work too...

Makes you wonder why the house at 138 Lyndhurst around the corner never sold at $2,900,000 (before they raised it to $3.1)....  



And it went for....

And it went for....