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 mishMASH Monday

mishMASH Monday

Even though it hasn't been touched since it was built in 1976, there is something about this 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom house at 15 Pump Hill Close SW in Calgary.

There are MANY things that need to be updated like this washroom....

But the bones are amazing.  

I love all the wood.  I feel that the stone fireplace works in the living room because the ceilings are so high but I don't love the style of stone in the family room. 

The kitchen, though amazing, needs to be updated.  

But according to the video below, there is apparently room on this lot to build another 50,000 square feet(!?!?!?!?!) of something, like a tennis court or an indoor pool...

( that is a LOT of stuffed animals)

And the views are amazing.

The listing price for this house is $8,680,000.

20B/22A/22B Senlac Road - LANSING

20B/22A/22B Senlac Road - LANSING

PRICE DROP - 548 Richmond Street West - FASHION  DISTRICT

PRICE DROP - 548 Richmond Street West - FASHION DISTRICT