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50 Ardwold Gate - CASA LOMA

50 Ardwold Gate - CASA LOMA

This is a new build...

And I like it.

There is something about it that reminds me of the 2012 Princess Margaret Showhome at 220 Pinehurst Drive in Oakville...

I am just not loving the columns at the front door, or the black door.  But I like the stone and the windows.

Inside is just as good.

Some people might not like the stairs, but you can always wallpaper it like Kelly Wearstler's stairs...

I love the floor colour, the layout of the first floor is great, it is large but not over the top.  And I love that honed kitchen counter.

I just wish you couldn't see the mudroom from the kitchen, but I love that there is a mudroom.

The living room is subtle, the family room is large, there is an office space that isn't full of ugly wood.

Basically, I love this house.

But then.....

 I saw this...

Milestone's Restaurant stone!!!!!!!

IN THE SHOWER!!!!!????!!!!



But I suppose, with everything else...that is an easy fix.

This is a 5+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 69.98 x 109.00 foot lot.

It is listed at $5,750,000. 

Sure, maybe if it had a view of the city instead of Spadina Museum...

And a deeper lot...

With a fence that didn't look like this....

Maybe then would I think this might be good price.

But basically, I think this is way too high.

Maybe mid 4s.

That backyard just isn't big enough for the price.

And really, if you are asking $6 million, put up a proper fence!

P.S. Thanks to the commentors below for reminding me...I'm not into ANY of the light fixtures.


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