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PRICE DROP - 355 Briar Hill Avenue - ALLENBY

PRICE DROP - 355 Briar Hill Avenue - ALLENBY

This one is a shocker!!!


It isn't.

This 4+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house at 355 Briar Hill Avenue has been listed for about a month.

Thing is, this isn't the first time it has been listed.  It was first listed a year ago for $1,899,000. Was it going to sell for that?

It's a Grey House, and like some of the Grey Houses, it has some floor plan issues.  Like, this house has 6 bathrooms, but no living room!!!  


It reminds me a lot of the Lawrence Park Medical Centre at Lawrence and Avenue...

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Then....it was on the market again for $1,849,000.

It didn't sell and the price was dropped in May to $1,699,000.

This house wasn't going to sell for that.

Which is why it was interesting that the price was brought up to $1,749,000 in July.

This time with a new agent and floor plans...

That first floor is a mess.

So, with the location, the fact that there is no living room and basically hardly a dinig room either, and the fact that this house is a new build and it looks like a dentist office...

Yesterday's price drop wasn't much of a surprise.

The new price is $1,599,000.

Still not going to happen.

Maybe if they really want to sell, they should replace this painting...

With this one....

2186 Courrier Lane - MISSISSAUGA

2186 Courrier Lane - MISSISSAUGA

AND IT WENT FOR - 244 Gladstone Avenue - DUFFERIN GROVE

AND IT WENT FOR - 244 Gladstone Avenue - DUFFERIN GROVE