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530 Roselawn Avenue - ALLENBY

530 Roselawn Avenue - ALLENBY

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom 'reinvented' house on a 25 x 132 foot lot at 530 Roselawn Avenue.

I'm not super crazy about the wood and the stucco at the front, but it is an improvement from the dark look it had before when it was listed for $899,000 in June 2013...

And for the most part, I like everything that is going on inside.

There are some tile choices that I don't love...

Especially this one...

But I like the floors.  I like the windows.

I would have preferred it if the toilet in the powder room on the first floor was not facing the dining room...

The sink where the toilet is would have been better, but then I guess the toilet would face the kitchen.

I'm not sure why they didn't square off the living room because there is no 'centre' for the television.  And the power is over the fireplace across from the bookshelves and not on the wall across from the couch.

I'm not into the stained glass on the stairs, but I am not really into stained glass.

The master bedroom is a good size, the front bedroom is a good size, but the toilet is in front of the window in the bathroom, and the second bedroom is kind of claustrophobic with only a transom window.

And there is no proper fence or deck.

But all in all, this is a great house in a good area.

It was first listed in October for $1,749,000.

Considering this is more like a 2+2 bedroom house (that third bedroom feels more like an office), that was pretty high.

It didn't sell and the price was dropped in November to $1,688,000.

Still no sale and the price was dropped last week to $1,599,000.

It will sell soon but still not quite at list.  I'm thinking closer to $1,525,000...maybe a little less.


39 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

39 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

87 Cleveland Street - DAVISVILLE VILLAGE

87 Cleveland Street - DAVISVILLE VILLAGE