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46 Gibson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

46 Gibson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

Last week, I posted a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on an 18.5 x 88.41 foot lot at 30 Gibson Avenue in Summerhill.

It basically needed a full gut and was listed at $1,395,000.  Because houses rarely come on the market on the street, I thought it was definitely going over.  And it did.  

It sold for $1,586,000.

Well, a week later, and another house is on the market.

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi on a 19.5 x 88.5 foot lot at 46 Gibson Avenue.

And I would say that this is probably one of the most sought after houses on the street.  It is basically located right on Ramsden Park...

In some cases, like the house at 104 Wells Hill Avenue in Casa Loma, I haven't thought that was a good thing.  In this case, I do.

There isn't a TON of privacy from the park...

But a higher fence could be built to at least provide privacy for the basement.

Inside, the paint, trim, and floors (which could be different in person) aren't my favourite.  It currently seems to be the home of empty nester but if you are a family, there are a few changes that could be made to make it more modern and workable.  

Perhaps a mudroom between the family room and garage (maybe where the tv is so it can incorporate that side door) could be built.

The bedroom on the second floor is the only access to any outdoor space on this property so if you needed 4 usable bedrooms, perhaps a third room could be added to the third floor. 

And the dressing room through the bathroom in the master really drives me crazy (seriously, how do you get to your clothes if someone is using the toilet...gross).

Otherwise, this is a great move right in house.

With the colours of the house, I don't love the kitchen...

  But with white paint, a new faucet, and different cabinet pulls, it could have a similar feel to the kitchen at Bonnie Brooks' house at 78 Wychwood Park...

Basically, this house could be an amazing modern house with not a lot of changes.

It is on a great street with a great location.

If you are okay with no yard but a massive park with a playground, tennis courts, and ice rinks that will to be going through a revitalization in the near future...

Then this is an amazing opportunity.

This house is listed at $1,995,000.

I would not be surprised if this sold for $2.3 or more.  

Somone is going to REALLY want this place.

P.S.  That is one stubby little toilet...

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