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104 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

104 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

According to the listing for this detached house on a 20 x 111 foot lot at 104 Victor Avenue, it is a 3+1 bedroom, 3 bathrooms house.

I only see 2 bedrooms, an open family room on the second floor with tons of built-ins, and no bedroom in the basement.

But if that isn't an issue, and the dark kitchen and floors are your thing, this is a pretty amazing house.

For me, the first floor is too dark.  I like the wood doors, but the wood floor is REALLY dark (guess it is the floors and the colours that are making me think of  75 Bertmount Avenue).

The second floor, even with the dark floors, is quite bright though.  The bedroom is big, if you don't need another bedroom, that is a good family room with lots of storage, and the bathroom is a good size.

The master on the third floor also has lots of storage and it's bright.  Though it looks like it opens to the second floor, there is a door at the bottom of the stairs for privacy...

And that basement is amazing.  Dark, but amazing.

It's listed at $1,199,000.

For a single person or a professional couple, or a couple with 1 child, or a downsizer with older children, this house is perfect.

Considering that the house across the street at 101 Victor Avenue...

That was a flip (with about 5% of the character of this place and no parking) sold for $890,000 in June 2014...

And considering the smaller semi at 197 Victor Avenue...

Just sold for $1,020,000...

(And though that was a nice house, it was a semi, 4 feet narrower, and this one just shows so much better...)

I'm thinking this house is going to sell for $1,375,000...maybe $1,425,000.

It does have Pellegrino.

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