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385 Albany Road - CASA LOMA

385 Albany Road - CASA LOMA

It wasn't a huge house, but I loved it.

This house at 385 Albany Road is the attached neighbour to the left.

And like 383, I love it.

Actually, I think I like this one even more.  I like the exposed brick here, it feels brighter.  Though I don't love the colour of the cabinets, the kitchen is much better  Only thing is, the roof and porch look like they might need a little attention, and the windows look like they are single pane.

The neighbour at 383 Albany Road was listed at $599,000.  It sold for $645,000.

This house is also a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 20.94 x 42.71 foot lot also with a finished basement.

Two years later, it's listed at $719,000.

So, if we take the 10% annual increase into account...

This house should sell for...


Because of the roof, porch, and windows, you would think this would sell closer to $789,000...

But, the kitchen is a lot better than the neighbour's.

 I think this could sell up to $815,000.  

P.S.  No 'Suri's Little Office'?


104 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

104 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

PRICE DROP - 64 Hilton Avenue - CASA LOMA

PRICE DROP - 64 Hilton Avenue - CASA LOMA