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107 Marion Street - RONCESVALLES

107 Marion Street - RONCESVALLES

This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, triplex on a 49 x 131 foot lot with a separate drive and garage on a south facing lot at 107 Marion Street in Roncesvalles.

It is a beautiful, old house that has one tenant that would like to stay despite the listing saying...

Needs Total Renovation

But if someone were to put in a lot of money into this place, it could be an amazing single family house.

It reminds me a lot of the house at 47 Melbourne Avenue in Parkdale (some might say this is Parkdale too)...

That was listed at $889,000 and I think sold for something like $1.100,000.

This house is also a similar size to a house on the other side of Roncesvalles on a 29.5 x 114.13 foot at 273 Indian Road...

That needed a lot of work and sold for $1,720,000...

Or the one on a 25 x 100 foot lot at 280 Wright Avenue...

That needed needed even more work and sold for $1,350,000...

This house is on the east side of Roncesvalles and surround by more semis than large houses like itself.  

Which might make the value for some not as high.  But that didn't stop the fully renovated house at 51 Winchester Avenue...

From selling in 3 days for $2,151,000.

So, to get to the house at Winchester, this house needs A LOT of work, but it could be amazing when it is done.

The asking price for this house...


I'm going with $1,400,000...maybe a bit more if the inside isn't a complete mess.

P.S. How do you get a new oil tank in 2014?  I thought those things had to go.


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