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PRICE DROP - 230 Inglewood Drive - MOORE PARK

PRICE DROP - 230 Inglewood Drive - MOORE PARK

In February, I posted this 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 50 x 125 foot lot at 230 Inglewood Drive in Moore Park.

It's a very family friendly neighbourhood where houses generally don't sit for long.

This one has been on the market for almost 4 months.

This is what it used to look like in 2011 when it was listed at $1,699,000...

(The rest of the before pictures can be seen here in the original post.)

There was a LOT of potential.

Unfortunately, there was not a lot done to this house except for a wall or 2 that were taken down. They redid the floors in a wood that doesn't match the original stairs.  The windows were replaced. The bathrooms were redone.  They painted.  And they didn't touch the kitchen.

And it was back on the market for...


So, when it had a price drop a month later...

I was SUPER surprised.


But I was a little surprised that it wasn't dropped by more.  The dropped price in March for this house was $2,698,000...

It never sold (surprise!).  There has been another drop and the listing is with a new agent.

Here are the new listing photos with new and improved staging...

And a better layout with a family room in the room adjacent to the kitchen....

But though they did a good job staging it and rearranging the furniture, the layout is still messed up...

And the house itself is still the same not so amazing house with out a dugout basement and a dated garage placement.

The new asking price is...


Because this house will get to the right price eventually.


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