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219 Soudan Avenue - YONGE AND EGLINGTON

219 Soudan Avenue - YONGE AND EGLINGTON

If you have ever driven by these houses, you have probably wanted to see what was going on inside.

It is a very unique looking house on the outside, and the inside does NOT disappoint.

It's a tad dated...

And some of the features don't match what the house is...

Because this is what the house is...

And it's AWESOME!!!

I love it.

There is soooo much potential here.

That room kind of reminds me of the condo at 62 Claremont Street in Trinity-Bellwoods...

But the way the house is split...

It mostly reminds me Jill Kantelberg's house/flip at 55A Rowanwood Avenue in Rosedale...

That was recently featured in Canadian House and Home.

And considering that this place is pretty dated...

Those are OLD appliances.

And that is an old thermostat...

It needs a lot of work.

But this place could be amazing!

It is currently a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 19.33 x 154 foot lot with a garage and a parking spot.

The dining room layout out is kind of inconvenient to the kitchen, but if you were going to make this a family house, you could do an addition on kitchen and second floor level to create a dining room/family room and the create a big master above the dining room/family room with 3 kid's bedrooms upstairs.

Or just update the kitchen and bathrooms and switch the dining room and family room.

But whether there is an addition or not, there is a lot of potential here.

The asking price is $1,249,900.

I think this is going over asking...

Probably closer to $1,350,000...maybe even $1,375,000.


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