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SOLD - 387 Berkeley Street - GARDEN DISTRICT

SOLD - 387 Berkeley Street - GARDEN DISTRICT

This is a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom semi on a 22 x 145 foot lot with a 2 car garage and 1 parking spot at 387 Berkeley Street just west of Parliament and Cabbagetown in the Garden District.

It is a great looking house both inside and out, and the furniture and art make it show really well.

But though there is a lot of beautiful stuff in this house...

 I find this thing a bit creepy.

It's probably super expensive though.

Speaking of creepy, according to a fairly new-ish Ottawa based website called House Creep that tracks homocides in houses (I know, wtf!?!), apparently there was a homocide inside this house in 1990.

But I guess that was 25 years ago.

Clearly a lot of work has been done since then.  And even though this was a rooming house, a lot of the original features still seem to be intact.

And it is a beautiful house.

It was listed a little over 2 weeks ago at $1,587,000.

It sold in 3 days...

For $1,701,000.

Must have been the Kitchen Aid mixer...

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370 Berkeley Street - GARDEN DISTRICT

370 Berkeley Street - GARDEN DISTRICT

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