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1 Wentworth Avenue - LANSING

At the end of July, I posted a house at 74 Don River Boulevard that was a bit of a 60s/70s flashback...

I loved it as it was and hoped that the person that bought it was going to just update what was currently there.  But considering that it was surrounded by a bunch of new builds, I assumed it would get torn down.

It was located a few streets over from this house.

And this house...

I love this house.

It wasn't torn down and just updated while keeping the feel of the 60s still in tact.  They even kept the wood panel curtains (which I love)!!!

That fireplace wall though...

Not liking that at all.

And I am not crazy about the 2 toned lower cabinets...

Otherwise, I love it.

It is a 4+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 92 x 280 foot ravine lot with some table land and 10 parking spots.

It's listed at $1,799,000.

The house a few streets over at 74 Don River Boulevard was listed at $1,499,000 and sold for $1,388,800.

But that place is probably getting torn down.

So, is this the right price?  I think it's going over.  

Maybe somewhere closer to $1,950,000.

PRICE DROP #2 - 28 Valleyanna Drive - VALLEYANNA

PRICE DROP #2 - 28 Valleyanna Drive - VALLEYANNA

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PRICE DROP - 57 Highland Avenue - ROSEDALE