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AND IT WENT FOR - 22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL

AND IT WENT FOR - 22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL

I know what you're thinking.

When you read the title of the post above, you were like...

Because I know I was.

That's right.

The house at 22 Cottingham Road in South Hill sold!

It was a 4+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 48 x 94 foot lot that barely had a yard, but had a roof top deck.  And there was no living room.  Just a kitchen and a dining room on the first floor.

And there was absolutely no privacy because it was...

A Grey House.

It was first listed in March for $3,195,000.

The listing at the time described it as 'South Hill's Landmark Home'.

It didn't sell and the price was dropped in April to $2,988,000.

By May, the price was down to $2,799,000 which meant we were going to see another drop...

And then it dropped in July to $2,645,000...

And again in September after it was listed with a new video finally showing the yard.

The asking price was $2,536,888.

Getting better but...

There was still no living room.

Well, it finally sold...

For $2,250,000.


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