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94 Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

This is a 5+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi on a 25.5 x 144 foot lot with 1 parking spot at 94 Moore Avenue in Moore Park.

It is located down the street from the house that I posted last week at 83 Moore Park...

Like that house, this house is done really well.

It looks like it has had a fairly recent renovation with an updated kitchen and bathrooms.

But this house is a lot bigger that 83 Moore.  It is a 3 storey house with a first floor family room extension.

Thing is, it's a semi.

But a big majority of houses in this part of Moore Park are semis, so if you want in the neighbourhood, that's something you have to put up with.

And considering that the house is great and move in ready, I think a lot of people will overlook the fact that it is a semi.

Because it's a great house.

The only thing that is confusing me about this house is this space in the kitchen...

What is it?  A dance floor?

I guess if you didn't want this, you could move the dining room table closer to that bench, but then there is a gap between the living room and dining room.  Maybe a table with photos or flowers could go there?  

I do really like how they kept that wall in the hall between the living space and the washroom.  It's a nice separation and it's a good space for art.

Speaking of art...

This house has this painting...

The same painting (or one like it) as the houses at 50 Ardworld Gate...

With a similar one at 199 Pearson Avenue...

Who is this artist!?!

There is also this IKEA Audrey Hepburn print in the second floor gym...

Yes, this house has a gym.

Basically, it's a great house whether you are into the art or not.  And that gym could become a family room or office.

The asking price is $1,695,000.

The most recent semi to sell in this neighbourhood was located down the street at 104 Moore Avenue...

It was basically the same house but didn't have the family room extension.  It only had 4 bedrooms, and it wasn't as up to date as this house.

It was listed in February for $1,650,000.  I thought it would sell for $1,730,000. 

It sold for $1,711,000.

This house is listed at $1,695,000.

I think it will sell closer to $1,835,000.


AND IT WENT FOR - 22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL

AND IT WENT FOR - 22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL