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19 Edgewood Crescent - ROSEDALE

19 Edgewood Crescent - ROSEDALE

This is a 3+2 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 27.8 x 151.25 foot lot with a detached garage at 19 Edgewood Crescent.

And when they say +2, they are talking about this room...

 And this room...

So, not really +2.  Maybe +1 if you took out the built-in desk of the first office but the second room doesn't even look big enough for a crib.

So, this is really a 3 bedroom house.

And it reminds me of the house at 25 Maclennan Road a few streets away...

Not the style of the house but the way this is set up for a single person or a couple.

I think Maclennan was for a single person with the whole second floor being the master bedroom. 

 This house seems to be for a couple because the whole second floor is dedicated to the master bedroom and 2 offices, and the third floor seems to be set up for the an adult child and their 3 children.

But though this isn't the same style as the house at Maclennan which was probably more my thing, this house is beautiful.

And it's done.

Some people might not like the painted floors on the third floor, and new floors would make a huge difference...

But this is an amazing house from top to bottom and it has a great backyard.

The house at Maclennan was listed at $2,795,000 in April 2014.  

After 2 price drops, it sold for $2,150,000 in January 2015.

This house that offers basically everything the Maclennan house had with perhaps a larger yard with a fountain...

Is listed at $2,395,000.

Is this worth $245,000 more less than a year later?

Maybe...but I think it will be tough.

I'm thinking this will sell closer to $2,225,000.

Then again, it does have a Kitchen Aid mixer...

So....maybe $2,250,00.


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