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SOLD - 62 West Lynn Avenue - THE DANFORTH

SOLD - 62 West Lynn Avenue - THE DANFORTH

This is a 1+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on a 15.42 x 93.33 foot lot at 62 West Lynn Avenue in the Danforth.

It is located across the street from the house at 51 West Lynn Avenue that I posted in January 2015...

It needed a lot of work.

This house, if you don't really need more than one bedroom and are okay with it being in the basement, is a good move in ready house.

It's bright with a kitchen skylight that goes through the roof and then through a hole in the floor of the +1 bedroom...

And there is no railing around the stairs to that room...

So this isn't really a room you want to sleep in if you have had to many shower beers.

That is what that blue bottle opener below the 'TRE' is for, right?

The house at 51 West Lynn that was a 2 storey house but need work was listed at $399,900. 

 Considering the location and the fact that it is close to a great park, it was clear it was selling for more than the asking price.  It sold for $551,000.

This house that is smaller but move right in was listed at $549,000.

It sold...

For $650,000.


SOLD - 51 West Lynn Avenue - THE DANFORTH

SOLD - 51 West Lynn Avenue - THE DANFORTH

287 Grace Street - PALMERSTON

287 Grace Street - PALMERSTON