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PRICE DROP #2 - 56 Bernard Avenue - ANNEX

PRICE DROP #2 - 56 Bernard Avenue - ANNEX

In February, I posted

this 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 30.64 x 121 foot lot at 56 Bernhard Avenue in the Annex.

From the photos that were shown, you could see that the house was fine to live in.  It's just that the house was a little dated...

And the asking price was $3,588,000.

No one was going to pay that much money for a dated house, especially one that was big but not


big.  I thought it would need at least one price drop.  


April, I posted the first price drop that brought the price down to



At that rate, it was going to take a while.

The price is now down again and this time it's a bigger drop.  The new asking price is...


Getting closer.


51 Bernard Avenue - ANNEX

51 Bernard Avenue - ANNEX

44 Belmont Avenue - YORKVILLE

44 Belmont Avenue - YORKVILLE