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111 Rue Hemlock - HUDSON, QUEBEC (1 Comment)

111 Rue Hemlock - HUDSON, QUEBEC (1 Comment)

In a town of mostly traditional houses, this is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalow at 111 Rue Hemlock in Hudson, Quebec is a nice change.

The town itself is kind of far from Montreal so I am not sure it would be great for a commute, but if you are into small town living, this is great town.

And if you aren't looking for traditional or big, this house is a great choice.

The floors throughout are concrete which I like but there is no mention of in-floor heating (I'm assuming there is).  I really like concrete floors but I am not sure I love it in the bedrooms, especially if there is no floor heating.  It looks great but this feels like it might be really cold in the winter...

111 Rue Hemlock 11.jpeg

The house itself seems to flow really well with a large kitchen and tons of big windows.  And the backyard is a good size. 

The garage seems to be used more as a play room than a place for a car.  But if you finished the huge basement, the play room could go down there if you need a place for a car.

Basically, this is a great house in a family friendly town close to water. 

And it looks like the Auberge Willow that was for sale in 2015...

auberge willow.jpg

Which is only a 5 minute drive away has been renovated and was reopened in the summer by David Ades and Patricia Wenzel with a menu by Shaun Hughes who has worked at La Quercia in Vancouver, The Black Hoof in Toronto, and Joe Beef and Bishop & Bagg in Montreal, not to mention the Willow Inn itself when he was a teenager.

So, if you are looking for a simpler life in a small town close to a good restaurant, this is a great option.


It is listed at 519,900.

175 Rue Somerville - MONTREAL, QUEBEC

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