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18 Givins Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

18 Givins Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

From the outside, I am not liking this house so much but there is something about that front door and the chairs that made me want to see inside.

And it doesn't disappoint.

At the front is a covered porch thing that has now been turned into what looks like a mud room.

The floors are in good shape, the ceiling height looks good, it is bright and I like that grey wall.

There is a lot of teak in this house but it isn't overwhelming.

The kitchen doesn't look like it has a lot of storage space but it has character.  The orange counter top is interesting, the side of the island painted with chalkboard paint is a good idea for the kids, and I really like the drawers without pulls.  It's not a fancy kitchen but I like it.  Not crazy about the 'office' area though.  It looks cramped.

In the back is a small room with a tv that only has one chair but could maybe fit a love seat and sliding doors to the backyard or parking spot (which could come in handy in the winter when you aren't using the yard if parking is an issue on this street).

They have a lot of floating furniture like that closet situation at the top of the stairs.  Does that stay or go because that is giving me the impression that there isn't a lot of storage in the house?

The bedrooms aren't huge but they work and the bathroom is a good size.

I'm just not sure about that basement.  Do they really use that basement?

All in all, this is a good house.

It is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it sits on a 15 x 65 foot lot.  That isn't huge but the house is good.

It is listed at $719,000.

Considering that the 2, or was it 3, bedroom row house at 25 Bellwoods sold for $787,000 last February (but I think it had a garage and a good basement) or that the 3 bedroom row house at 14 Manning Avenue sold for $701,170 in April, I think this is a good price.

Maybe even low.

I think this could go closer to $735,000.  If the basement was a little fancier, I would even go with $745,000.

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