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51 Tranby Avenue - ANNEX

51 Tranby Avenue - ANNEX

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 17.96 x 76 foot lot at 51 Tranby Avenue in the Annex.

I am not sure exactly when it was listed, but I think it has been a while as a reader made a comment about it on the post for the Summerhill semi at 27 Macpherson Avenue in mid October.

That house was listed at $2,250,000 and sold for $2,200,000.

As a comparison, I agree with the commentor.  The style of the 2 houses is very similar.

The Macpherson house was called a 4 bedroom house, though it was really 2+2 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on a 19.69 x 120 foot lot with a garage.

This house is 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on a 17.96 x 76 foot lot.

So, the Macpherson house was a lot larger.

Which makes sense that this house is listed less.

The asking price for this house is $1,895,000.

Though I like all of it including the floors, the silver Arbonia rads (that would have looked really good in the house at 306 Sunnyside Avenue), the Bulthaup kitchen, the back patio, and surprisingly the brick wall (but not so much the tile in the bathroom)...

I think for 2 bedrooms, this is priced a little high.

Considering that the 3+2 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 20.5 x 77.04 lot at 26 Tranby Avenue sat on the market for months after first being listed at $1,775,000 and finally sold after 4 months and a few price drops for $1,555,000....

This isn't going to sell for what they currently want.

But there was a lot of attention to detail here.

If the 2+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom semi on an 18.75 x 120 foot lot with parking at 125 Macpherson Avenue in Summerhill could sell for $1,820,000...

I think this place will sell for $1,725,000.

It seems like they might be a little stubborn on price though as this house was first listed it in 2010 for $1,850,000.  And from the style of the decor...

And the fact that the pendant above is now in the dining room, I'm thinking it's the same owners.

This house is going to sit for a while.

565 Palmerston Avenue - SEATON VILLAGE

565 Palmerston Avenue - SEATON VILLAGE