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PRICE DROP - 28 Park Lane Circle - BRIDLE PATH

In January 2014, I posted this 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 200 x 934.77 foot lot at 28 Park Lane Circle in the Bridle Path.

Even though the chairs in the movie theatre looked super uncomfortable and there was stone on the floor throughout...

It was a good house.

And it was cheaper than the unfinished 'Versailles' house down the street that I had posted a couple of weeks earlier at 40 Park Lane Circle...

Not to be confused by the Vaughn 'Versailles' house at 90 Rocmary Place...

That had originally been listed in April 2010 for $23,800,000.   That Bridle Path house never sold and went to auction at the end of November 2013.  It sold conditionally for $13,800,000.

A couple of weeks later, Zoocasa confirmed the sale at $13,800,000.

But then it was back on the market.  And last week, according to this Toronto Star article, they tried to sell it AGAIN at auction...

But none of the bids reached the minimum reserve price.

So....it's sitting on MLS at $12,995,000, and considering that the inside looks like this...

That price might still be a little high.

THIS house on the other hand, was initially listed at $15,800,000.

It didn't sell and the price was dropped a week after I posted it to $12,988,000.

A little over a week ago, 6 days before the 40 Park Lane Circle auction, this house had another drop.

The new asking price for this house is now...


Which is probably about what the backyard alone cost to build!!!

Okay, not quite...but close.


40 park lane listing

AND IT WENT FOR - 530 Roselawn Avenue - ALLENBY

AND IT WENT FOR - 530 Roselawn Avenue - ALLENBY