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AND IT WENT FOR - 228 Palmerston Avenue - LITTLE ITALY

Last week, I posted this 4+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on an 18 x 129 foot lot with a 2 car garage at 228 Palmerston Avenue in Little Italy.

I didn't love the front of the house, but since that Google street view shot above was taken, the railings have been painted black...

I just noticed there are new stairs.

And is that wine in the basement window!?!

Inside, the house was fine.  

There is a lot of white and I just realized that the inside of this house kind of reminds me of the 'Supermodel with a Rhodes Scholarship' house at 61 Gloucester Street at Church and Wellesley...

That house was listed at $1,149,000 and sold for $1,099,000.

This house was listed at $1,399,000.

Though the kitchen floor was driving me crazy and the house was actually set up as 2 bedrooms and not 4, I thought this house could sell for $1,550,000.

It sold...

For $1,450,000.

Maybe they should have thrown in some Pellegrino with that Audrey Hepburn print.

SOLD - 38 Fallingbrook Drive - BIRCH CLIFF

SOLD - 38 Fallingbrook Drive - BIRCH CLIFF

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