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166 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE, TORONTO (10 Comments)

166 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE, TORONTO (10 Comments)

This house is a bit of a mess.

I first posted it in October 2013 when the listing photo looked like this...


It was a 7+1 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms on a 100 x 580 foot lot that had looked a little run down a few years earlier but had been under renovation for several years before coming on the market...

Which means it was probably a flip.  And my thought was...


A flip of a century old Rosedale home that had a name (Edward Fisher House)!?!  This wasn't going to be good but I was remaining hopeful.

Then I saw this...

166 Crescent kitchen.png

And thought...

omg rihanna.gif

It's worse than I thought.

But then I realized that was the kitchen on the 3rd floor and there were no photos of the first floor so there was still hope.

It was listed at $11,388,000.  The kitchen had to be good, right?

It didn't sell and six months later, the house was on the market again at a price drop to $8,800,000 with photos of the kitchen...



This kitchen in THIS house!?!

166 Crescent road.png

It's not that it is a bad kitchen.  But this is not the right kitchen for this house.  And that fridge...

166 crescent road 3.png

 On this lot!?!  In a $9 million dollar house!?! 


A year later, it was back on the market again at another price drop.  And by that point, I realized I had seen the kitchen before.

It was 'basically' Teresa Giudice's kitchen...

Teresa Giudice's kitchen.png

From this house...

Teresa Guidice's house.png

Which, don't get me wrong, is a great kitchen.  Just not in this house.

And I wasn't crazy about the open kitchen to the dining room with the kitchen table right there...

166 Crescent road 1.png

And thinking about what this place could have been...


With a price of $8,380,000.

I still thought it was going to be a tough sell.


A month later, it sold...

oh my god.gif

For approximately 94% of list.


Two years later, it is back on the market but not as is.  This house is being sold as 'An Empty Lot' with architectural plans for a complete redo of the house to make it a 6+1 bedroom, 8 bathroom house.

Here is the concept photo...

166 Crescent Rd 2.png

And here are the plans...

It looks like the person who did the plans didn't like the breakfast table in the kitchen right beside the dining room either because the dining room has been moved to the front of the house where the living room currently is and the dining room has become the breakfast room.

Which means there is no living room, just the room right off the open kitchen.  Not ideal for a house of this size in my opinion.  I would have closed off the kitchen to the dining room and left it where it was with the living room at the front and have the kitchen open to the back 'family room' with perhaps pocket doors to block it off.

For the other floors, I can't figure out what is going on but there is definitely a movie theatre in the basement.

Overall, this house is amazing.  Or could be amazing.  And it is a beautiful house on an incredible lot in south Rosedale.

But it needs a LOT of work to make it right for this house.

Which may be why it is still be on the market after months at an asking price of...


I'm sensing a price drop soon.

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